D A Y # 12


Day #12 marks the end of the subject ‘Business Innovation’. Despite only spanning over the course of 2 1/2 weeks, I have found the subject quite interesting and insightful.

Reflecting back upon my initial expectations of the subject on DAY #1, I wrote that the subject would “explore the fields of design management, management theory, innovation and leadership to give students contexts for designing entrepreneurially”.

Task 1, 2 and 3 definitely covered all these aspects as mentioned in the subject outline as was expected. However, what I did not expect was the way in which we were encouraged to look at ‘future worlds’ and ‘future markets’. I had no idea that predicting the future was so important to business entrepreneurs, and that there are a countless number of websites, organisations and blogs which talk about future trends and technologies.

Initially, I found it difficult to grasp the concept of ‘future worlds’. I found Task 2 a really valuable exercise as it helped to clarify exactly what we were expected to do for the subject.The ‘futures matrix’ demonstrated the wide range of different future scenarios, formulated through different ‘drivers of change’. From Task 2, we were then able to work on Task 3. I am proud of our overall design pitch and feel that it could in fact be a potentially successful product for the future.

In my first blog entry I wrote that “I hope to gain a new outlook on design and widen my potential to become an innovator for the future”. I’m not sure how successful an innovator I will be, but I have definitely gained a new outlook on design practices, and gained valuable insight on how to create not just for the present, but into the future.