DAY # 6


The Softer Side of Technology
Scott Simpson, 3 May 2011

Technology places a premium on leadership and collaboration, demanding that everyone communicate in ways they never did before.

It has become quite clear to me that technology is getting better, faster and more efficient as time goes by. There’s no doubt that in 20 years we’ll be doing thing that we may be able to predict now, and there will be breakthroughs which are perhaps impossible to comprehend at this present moment.

The article ‘The Softer Side of Technology’ talks about the possibilities for advancement and innovation of technology and how this will impact architecture, building and construction. It is incredible to think how much changing technologies really do impact every aspect of the design process, from initial design development, to leadership, team and client relationships and during the actual construction phase.

I found it interesting that, ‘the power of technology lies not in the equipment itself, which is inert and useless without a user, but in how it affects human behaviour’. The whole design process is transformed from a small team working in the same vicinity, to team members situated at all different parts of the world. Communication technologies are so advanced that we are finding this an increasingly convenient and successful way to outsource. Like Ridley’s article in Designophy, companies are discovering that international collaboration and the exchange of ideas are the drivers for innovation and creative design. The thinking process also changes, replacing ‘traditional silo thinking with lateral thinking, linking together… special expertise and diverse points of view’.

Simpson comments on the way technology will move so fast, that we will soon be unable to keep up with it. Will information still be accessible in future years, or will everything become obsolete? We need to be able to shift our ways of organising, doing and thinking in order to accommodate and embrace such changes and utilise technology to its full potential.