D A Y # 1

REFLECTION: Initial Expectations of the Project

I expect this subject to challenge our ways of thinking as design students, in a business context.

The subject will “explore the fields of design management, management theory, innovation and leadership to give students contexts for designing entrepreneurially”.

I think this means that the subject aims to prepare us for the business world – to encourage us to become innovative by seeking and identifying new market potential.

Innovation means to create something new, exciting, unseen and creative. Something that has never been thought of or executed before, and something which people (consumers/market) will respond to largely in a positive way due to the idea’s exclusivity and usefulness.

Business Innovation will hopefully encourage us to research and explore different information sources, media, images, articles and case studies to widen our minds to potential areas for innovative design.

With everyone coming from a design background, as a class we will form a collaborative view on what business and design is all about. However, from our different disciplinary design backgrounds – fashion design, industrial design and visual communication – we will each form our own unique and individual ideas due to our life experiences, ways of thinking and areas of study.

I expect that there will be a lot of analytical exercises throughout this subject to encourage us to engage with different sources in a detailed and thorough way. Instead of just designing for the sake of design, we will hopefully learn to design things that will be successful and make a significant impact on the future.

Impressions from the first class are that we will need to do a lot of research in our own time, keeping this blog updated daily. The blog is part of Task 1 where progress will be monitored and where we will work on our literature review. It will be a diary of our thoughts and academic developments, and also proof of our research and analysis.

I hope to gain a new outlook on design and widen my potential to become an innovator for the future.