D A Y # 11


For Task 3, our group has developed a service for the future world of 2030 based on our predicted future scenario. As mentioned in DAY#9, we believe that our target market in 20 years time will be businesses with an increased interest in personal well-being. We have identified the client as companies who want to minimise work-related stress and increase the well-being of their employee’s, and therefore raise the morale and productivity of the company.

Reducing work-related stress increases productivity

“What our service aims to do is to provide an outlet or escape from the stress of the daily grind. Working full time, up to 60 hours or more per week, can be a demanding task, placing pressure on an employee’s physical, mental and psychological health. JEHS has developed a unique service to cater for the well-being of all employees. It is not only a service, but a tool to maintain positive attitudes in the workplace and to raise productivity.

JEHS will set up ‘creative spaces’ within your company, providing hobby hubs, relaxation areas and interactive rooms designed to stimulate one’s creative juices, and release the inner child. These ‘creative spaces’ place an emphasis on playfulness, creativity and freedom of expression,   featuring a wide range of different materials, equipment and furniture.

‘Creative spaces’ may include woodwork stations, games and puzzle rooms, art studios,  library lounges, and fitness and relaxation areas. If required, a mentor or teacher will be available to work with the employees in order to gain full advantage of the areas.

‘Creative Spaces’ may include activities such as:

  • cooking
  • games/puzzles – chess, checkers, bingo, trivia
  • woodwork
  • art/craft – paint, draw, clay, pottery, candle making
  • sewing/knitting/crochet/cross-stitch
  • karaoke
  • origami
  • photography
  • exercise
  • relaxation
  • music
  • reading
  • drama

These ‘creative spaces’ are low-cost to set up, and inexpensive to maintain – JEHS handpicks the most basic items to create incredibly powerful, rewarding and beneficial programs. Investing in a ‘creative space’ will reap long-term benefits, raising the overall morale and productivity of the company.

Companies will be able to allow unlimited access and/or allocate certain time slots in the week to allow their employees to utilise these ‘creative spaces’. It will not only create a dynamic break in the perpetual routine of work, but will give your business a competitive edge.

We believe that each company is unique with varied ways of operating, a diverse mix of people and different types of demands. Therefore, a range of activities will be custom picked for the particular needs of your company in order to suit the employees perfectly.

We are constantly building upon our list of activities to fill these ‘creative spaces’ and are open to exploring all things creative, enjoyable and that will make a positive impact on the employee and the company’s well-being. In a world where financial gain is often placed at the forefront, we at JEHS believe in building a healthier and more optimistic workplace environment for the future.”