D A Y # 8


Find immediate influences that will impact the world 20 years from now.

Identify solid ideas which are emerging now,and will impact us into the future.

You need to be the designer to satisfy that problem area.

Identify drivers of change that have never really been considered before to find a niche.

What kind of design firm are we going to be to target a certain customer base? It needs to be sit within a market which people will appreciate it. What are your strengths and weaknesses?

Future Drivers of Change

– focus on humans rather than machinery – designing for machines to fit humans
– social – changing attitudes and ideas of different generations, e.g. baby boomers
– we are now more likely to change jobs/career paths multiple times compared to the generation before us who prioritised money and job security over personal desires, sticking with one occupation for most of their lives
– increase in technology and away from prints
– changes in the way we communicate, learn, teach
– readers instead of textbooks – changes what we carry around, changes the print industry, reduced wastage and logging
– technology will be more intuitive – responding to natural human actions
– we put more value on achieving personal goals rather than monetry – wanting to fix something or create something innovative rather than soley making money
– technology will be quicker, faster, more productive to enhance, improve and make our lives easier
– icloud – different ways of storing data

Why do people design things? e.g. flat pack items

If they are designing simply for aesthetics, the design will not last.

If they are designing for a purpose or a cause which impacts us now and into the future, e.g. urban density, pollution, environmental reasons, it will have longevity and may impact for the next 20 years.

Think about the practical aspects of setting up a company. What do you need to consider when setting up a business? What are the things that may go wrong? How do businesses actually run?

– a business plan – financial, marketing, etc.
– private or public sector?
– money
– where would you operate from? office or home?
– logo
– what kind of clients? in person or online?