D A Y # 3


– All natural disasters
– Resource depletion
– Increased volcanic activity – ash clouds
– Earthquakes, floods, tsunamis, rising sea levels
– Diminishing stocks of animals – leads to legislation
– Decreased water – increased in recycled water and acceptance of recycled water – increase in search for solutions
– We’ve always had these problems, but now it’s more of an issue because of increased population density
– Environmental refugees
– Air, water and soil quality
– Decreased natural resources
– Pressure on arable land
– Movement towards non-ownership (land, property and space) being acceptable
– Oil depletion and increased prices – alternative energy systems and the demand for them (solar, wind, tidal)

– Green culture becomes mainstream
– Internet, Facebook, My Space
– Increased communication
– Power structures – less control of communications and political ideology

– Increased radicalisation – increased differences between religions due to increased exchange of information and scientific advancements
– Muslim, Hindu law

– Internet proliferation
– Internet backlash to privacy
– High frequency devices – link to cancer – Charlie Vincent
– Increase in cyber terrorism
– Internet continues to grow
– Robots – increase in robotic activity in our daily lives

– Resources pressures increase conflict

– Safety versus freedom debates increase
– Increased protection leads to decreased freedom

– Carbon economy becomes a part of personal consumption patterns
– Resources costs hit personal level consumption
– Manufacturing costs increased due to high cost of retooling to accomodate new materials and eco-products
– Trend towards small bizs and localised distribution systems increases


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