D A Y # 2


Design Futures – How to Build a World
Stuart Candy – the sceptical futuryst

What is it to build a world?

world-building professions: novelists, game designers, architects, engineers, industrial designers, craftsmen, tv and film writers, directors, advertisers, story-tellers who provide narratives to live by (historians, politicians, clergymen, shamans, psycho-analysts)

We’re all ‘world-building’ all the time – it’s a fundamental human activity. Is that what our thinking and speaking is about? Negotiating, creating, renewing, generating worlds for ourselves – worlds which we can comprehend, and worlds that we want to envision and move towards?

distributive cognition: the mind is not confined to the boundaries of the soul, but our thinking processes happen within the environment

We are  all constructing a version of the world we physically inhabit, moment by moment, inside our heads.

“the only understanding of the universe that does you any good, is your own”
Alan Watts (populariser of Eastern philosophy)

We’re all ‘native world-builders’, but we’re not all trained to think about ‘future worlds’.


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