D A Y # 2 : L E C T U R E

Guest Lecturer: Darrall Thompson

STAY FLUID – at the edge to innovate

Content: symbolic vs real
Process: analytic vs synthetic

Science and technology: What won the nobel prize in physics last year? Who won it?

Andre Geim & Konstantin Novoselov
Graphene – the revolution that is 10x stronger than steel; a single layer of graphite
… a new material that will impact Industrial Design, Visual Communication & Fashion!

How can new technologies be used for design innovation?

– 3D multi-viewpoint fog projection display
– 3D measurement system for food processing – extremely efficient 3D scanner which characterises food in according to size, type and quality
– a robot that balances on a ball
– EVERLEDS one-core LED downlight with clean shadows

Product Design <> Service Design

Doing different things + doing things differently = design interventions – business innovation


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